Advanced Precision Machining

Become a CNC machinist in this program, just like the ones seen on TV’s “American Chopper” and “How It’s Made”. Imagine inventing something and being able to actually build it yourself.

A machinist doesn’t think of metal as something hard and unchangeable because they can change it into anything they want.

Students in Advanced Precision Machining setup and operate machines to fabricate and repair parts and components. A machinist performs cuts on materials to bring it to the desired shape and dimensions. Metal blocks can be transformed into intricate parts such as sprockets, gears, pistons, tools, wheels, and molds.  These parts are then assembled into cars, bikes or the machinery which mass produce every conceivable manufactured good.

Machinists are the foundation of all industries, and without them no manufacturing or construction job would exist. Machinists are the only skilled workers capable of reproducing the actual tool they are using! Advanced Precision Machining students are highly sought out by local employers, and have one of the highest job placement rates in the school.  Many students pursue careers in engineering.

You can qualify for advanced placement (up to 15 credits) at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, Thaddeus Stevens School of Technology and the Harrisburg Area Community College.