Employment Outlook

The welding industry today presents a continually growing and changing series of opportunities for welders. Despite economic fluctuations, there is a positive job outlook in welding.

Most everything we use or depend upon today requires welding and joining technology. The U.S. Department of Labor lists more than 140 occupations related to welding and joining.

Whatever you decide to do, the welding program offers a wide variety of opportunities for personal growth and job satisfaction. It doesn’t limit you to a job you will outgrow.

Students who qualify may work in industry through the Cooperative Education Program. They earn a salary while they learn the trade. Cooperative Education can start as early as the second semester. Those students who remain at SUN Area Technical Institute will receive the more advanced skills needed to acquire upper level jobs or advanced placement for college.

According to the American Welding Society, starting wages for trained welders are roughly three to five times minimum wage depending upon location and skill levels; this can go higher than ten times minimum wage in some cases.